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You can find all the services information that FiBEST 2020 offers to the attending companies by downloading this dossier:

Presencia Física


  • A spacious and accessible area available for your company the day of the forum.
  • A possibility to choose between a simple or double stand, which dimensions are described in the FiBEST 2017 dossier.
  • You can gather a comfortable collection of CV’s, by personal and personal way.


  • 50 minute presentation about the visión and mission of your company, activity, offers, etc. Being possible to choose the faculty you are more interested in, according to the students you wish to reach.
  • Fully equipped University’s halls for the proper development of the activity and guaranteeing you a minimum audience.
  • Organization will be responsible of all the displacements from the stand to conference's place.


Your company will have the possibility of interacting in a close and relaxing way with the students and evaluate in an effective way the abilities and attitudes of the candidates by the following services:

  • Case study: Exhibition of an empresarial or technique problem for the students selected by your company.
  • Work breakfast: Direct contact with potential candidates previously selected by your company.
  • Personal interview: Closed space where you will be able to do personal interviews to the candidates you choose.
  • Selection process

Online Presence

Online FiBEST

Your company will be present in the web page of the Job Fair with the following services:

  • Broadcasting of the job fair and the activities through streaming across the web page.
  • Your company’s logo linked directly to your web page and job offers.
  • A special section where you will be able to publish the job offers from your company, general information and contacts until the beginning of the next academic year 2016/2017.

CV Collection and selection

  • Through the website, students and post graduated ones can send their Curriculum vitae.
  • Following the recruitment criteria that the company desires, the organization will share out the curriculums gathered on the website.


Data sheet and magazine advertising

Availability of two consecutive pages color in the job fair magazine, which will be given not only in an online version but also at the entrance on the same day of the job fair for free.

Preferred Section in the Magazine

Opportunity to be present prominently in the magazine with one of the following options:

  • To promote one of the sections aimed to the students (For example: ‘ How a CV should be written? , Section promotes by [your company]’).
  • Appearance in the cover of the magazine.
  • Company letter aimed to the students.

Banner Advertising

Appearance of your logo or image in a banner at the entrance of the Job Fair, providing a great visibility.

Promotion of One Section in the Web Page

Appearance of your logo or image in a lateral of one of the web page’s sections.

Annual Benefits

Company Day

An entire day completely dedicated to your company in the faculty of the University of Valladolid that you choose.

  • Your company has the opportunity to hold two activities inside the University intended to the students.
  • Thanks to this service, your company will get a much more specific promotion and diffusion through the social networks.


EBEC is the acronym for European BEST Engineering Competition, the biggest engineering competition in Europe. It involves more than 6,500 students from 87 European universities in three phases.

  • Your company can sponsor the local phase of the University of Valladolid, held in the month of November.
  • For more information, contact us and we will send you a specific dossier of the competition.

Taylor Made Event

  • On the initiative of your company, the organization will study the development of any other express request activity that you want to perform inside the University of Valladolid on the date you choose.
  • Thanks to the visibility BEST has inside the universitary community, your company has the possibility of becoming known in a superb way by the students you’re more interested in.


Contact Us             

Víctor Herrezuelo Paredes

Main Organizer FiBEST 2020


Tlfn.: +34 642 108 349

BEST Valladolid

Is the BEST local group of the University of Valladolid, founded in 1994. After 25 years of history, BEST Valladolid is supported by 30 active members from the different technical degrees in the University of Valladolid who organize around 10 events every year, JobFair FiBEST among them.

For further information:

Marina Bujedo Esteban

Main Organizer FiBEST 2020


Tlfn.: +34 611 071 488

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