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Recreuitment Processes

Personal Interviews

Desayunos de Empresa

¡FiBEST online continúa! Sube tu CV y llega a las empresas desde tu casa.

Actividades Online

Miércoles 15 Abril

Advisory Workshop: ¿Quieres aprender a modelar procesos de negocio?

Contact Us             

Víctor Herrezuelo Paredes

Main Organizer FiBEST 2020

Email: victor.herrezuelo@bestspain.es

Tlfn.: +34 642 108 349

BEST Valladolid

Is the BEST local group of the University of Valladolid, founded in 1994. After 25 years of history, BEST Valladolid is supported by 30 active members from the different technical degrees in the University of Valladolid who organize around 10 events every year, JobFair FiBEST among them.

For further information: www.BESTValladolid.org.

Marina Bujedo Esteban

Main Organizer FiBEST 2020

Email: marina.bujedo@bestspain.es

Tlfn.: +34 611 071 488

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