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Take advantage of FiBEST

How to write your CV?

Take advantage of FiBEST

Prepare yourself to Come to the Jobfair

Inform yourself about the companies that are coming, which ones you are interested in. In Online FiBEST section you can find all the information about them and a link to their websites.

Prepare your CV and send it through the application system at Upload Your CV section. Moreover, prepare some physical copies to give them in person the jobfair day.

If you want to have a personal contact with company representatives, dress yourself properly. Know the opening and closing time and also the events ones. You can check the schedule in the Activities section.

Come Early

Company representatives are more receptive in the beginning of the day, and it is always better to arrive before the events than when they have finished.

Face to Face with Companies

Avoid leaving your CV, without being polite. Keep a relaxed dialogue, it is not necessary repeating the typical questions that they had answer to hundreds like you, show your interest in the company. Put yourself in the role of 'Provider of your services' and not 'Searching a job'.

Collect Information

Companies use to give physical materials extending the jobs' information they offer on the web. Take notes about the most important information and who provided it to you.

Be Attentive to the Activities

A lot of companies can select assistants for doing a group dynamic, psychologist test… it is a good opportunity for learning about the selection techniques, and the worst thing can happen is that you don’t get the job.

How to write your CV? Funge_trans

The main goal that you should have when you prepare your CV, is to get an interview. Your candidature has to be presented as the best one, following the requirements of the job position, so that the interviewer get interested in you. Reminds that you are a “selling point”, you should show your characteristics, benefits and advantages.

Your CV will be the business card of your personal profile, as if it is a raised picture from your academic and professional history that placed over the required profile, it would fixed with every requirements.

HR Recruiters expect from your CV a clear and concise information about your personal data, training and professional experience as well as a distinguished added value from others.

How to structure your CV?

The information must contain your CV will be structured under the following template:


This CV belongs to.. (Name and surname) or just Curriculum Vitae.

Personal Data

Name and 2 surnames, place and date birth, nationality (if it is not spanish), marital status, personal address, telephone contact, fax (if you have it) and email.

Educational Background

Studies realized and titles obtained related to the profile requested by the company, specifying location and dates appropriated. Only top level degrees must be indicated and not the secondary level ones as well as the qualification during this stage. If you have realized a final project or master thesis, indicate its title.

Additional Training

Non-regulated studies, additional courses and seminars made, indicating the total hours, the center name, locality and dates appropriated of each one. Add only the relevant ones related to the job position you are requesting.

Work experience

Description of the different work experienced carried out. It’s essential describe as much detail as possible: Name and activity within the company, dates, functions, projects descriptions and wins. This allows to evaluate your skills to the Recruiter easily and quickly. If you don’t have work experience, you can include internships or voluntary work during your degree.


Indicate your language skills: oral understanding and talking, reading and writing. Besides, if you have an official title (First Certificate, TOEFL, TOEIC, Delft, etc.) or if you have been abroad during some time.

Technical Skills

Technical Background (Advanced or User level) of programs, applications, programming languages, operating systems and others specified ones. If you have received any certification add the number of hours, name, place and dates.

Other useful information

Significant information not previously included and leverage your CV value as complementary activities, hobbies, driving licence, own car, availability to travel...

In spite of companies start giving more particular attention of extra-activities that can reflect certain competences, most recruiters prefer austerity at this point.

Here you can include skills you currently possess (proactivity, willing to learn, team work...).


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